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Custom Apparel and Products

We believe in partnerships. We are not looking for "clients" or "customers" but for partners.  We believe in long-term relationships that bring value to both businesses. 

The custom order process is EZ!

Are you tired of wasting precious time searching for premium promotional items and apparel online? Look no further! The EZ guarantee is a successful result and will give you back that wasted time. By simply answering a few questions with the best accuracy, we will send you customized solutions that meet your specific needs. Don't waste any more time - let us handle your promotional needs!


Talk With Us

Call us to speak with our team. We take the time to get to know you and what your promo needs are.

Let's Brainstorm

Next, we’ll take the time to research products that fit your needs and help you achieve your marketing goals.

Pick Your Swag

Which merch appeals to you? Narrow down the options and let us know the swag that speaks to you.

Let's Do It!

Pick out your favorites and we’ll start the design process. Buy your items in bulk or we can create a custom online showroom to host your products for daily ordering.

EZ PROMOTION WILL SAVE YOU TIME & MONEY to promote your brand.

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